Vernature offers the best complements of macro and micro nutrients that the plant needs for a correct operation.


Vernafol Serie

Vernafol B

Boron plays an essential role in various processes such as metabolism and sugar transport, photosynthesis, protein metabolism, lignification, etc.

Also it plays a key role in pollen germination and pollen tube growth, improving pollination and fruit set. They help turn pollinators to increase the level of nectar and shorten the length of the corolla tube.

VERNAFOL B helps prevent boron deficiencies, taking care of possible phytotoxicity to be a form slowly assimilated boron.

Vernafol Fe

Iron is a key element for the formation of chlorophyll, as well as working as a catalyst in respiratory processes, being involved in redox reactions and being a structural component of molecules.

Its deficiency brings on ferric chlorosi