Vernature offers the best complements of macro and micro nutrients that the plant needs for a correct operation.


Vita serie


VITAFLOR is a fertilizer rich in boron and molybdenum which ensures the production of pollen and promotes flowering and pollination process.

This product, improves the development of the pollen tube and it decreases abscission flower buds and fruit drop in the curd phase.


VITACUAJE is a fast absorbing fertilizer formulated to provide the nutritional needs of plants at the time of ripening, helping the plant to produce a greater number of flower and fruit set correctly.

It's particularly indicated to crops where flowering is insufficient or in situations that affect fruit set.


VITARAIZ is recommended in the early stages of crop development to stimulate rooting and the initial growth of the plant.

It favors elongation and root development to achieve a healthier and more vigorous plant growth.


VITAFRUIT is a special product for fattening and ripening.

Its formula facilitates the absorption of nutrients by the plant and activates the processes of synthesis and transport of proteins and sugars, which helps to get a result of higher caliber and quality. This product improves the crop yield and the resistance of the fruit, giving a greater value to the crop.


VITAFOL is a concentrated biostimulant based on Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extracts, which increases the output of the plant in quantity and quality of the yield.

It defends the crop during complicated climate situations.

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