Vernature offers the best complements of macro and micro nutrients that the plant needs for a correct operation.


Vernafol Serie

Vernafol B

Boron plays an essential role in various processes such as metabolism and sugar transport, photosynthesis, protein metabolism, lignification, etc.

Also it plays a key role in pollen germination and pollen tube growth, improving pollination and fruit set. They help turn pollinators to increase the level of nectar and shorten the length of the corolla tube.

Vernafol B helps prevent boron deficiencies, taking care of possible phytotoxicity to be a form slowly assimilated boron.

Vernafol Ca

The calcium is an essential plant development element that joins in the division and cell elongation, being an important part of the cell wall.

VERNAFOL Ca helps to correct the lack of calcium in the plant, facilitating its absorption in low assimilation, thanks to be in complexed form. So it prevents physiological disorders resulted from his lack and ensures quality fruit.

Vernafol Mg

It's a special formulation with high concentration of magnesium assimilated.

The special formulation of Vernafol Mg, provides a greater solubility and assimilation of elements, and increases the availability and mobility on the plant.

It prevents and corrects effectively gaps and imbalances arising from the lack of assimilation of magnesium.

Vernafol Micro

Vernafol Micro is a liquid fertilizer concentrate made by complexed microelements.

Vernafol Micro provides the needed nutrients to prevent any deficiency in the plant, making it ideal for a complete and balanced fertilizer supplement.

It also features an easy absorption of nutrients for leaves and roots thanks to its organic complexing.

Vernafol Zn-Mn

Vernafol Zn-Mn is a product with Zinc and Manganese.

Zinc deficiency is probably the most common of all the trace elements. Zinc stimulates enzymatic activities and the formation of pigments and ascorbic acid. In addition, it has an important role in the production of growth hormone and the lengthening of internodes.

Manganese catalyses the formation of chlorophyll and the reaction of reduction oxidation of the tissues. It intervenes in the synthesis of proteins and promotes lateral root formation.

It is important that manganese deficiencies do not appear during the vegetative growth of the plant, nor during bud formation or fruit set.

In this sense, our product Vernafol Zn-Mn is ideal to correct these deficiencies.

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