Vernature has a line of soil fertilizers, whose application avoids the appearance of deficiencies and improves the physical-chemical properties of the soil.

Soil Fertilizers

Verna Serie


VERNASOL is a product that improves the properties of soil, its aeration and structure.

It increases water storage and improves soil assimilation for the formation of complex with microelements. Corrects salt problems in the soil.


Vernature Fe EDDHA 4.8

VERNATURE Fe EDDHA 4.8 is a high quality Iron chelate that corrects Iron deficiencies in all types of crops.

It is stable in calcareous and limy soils, being the pH stability interval of the chelated fraction from 3.5 to 12.


Vernature Zn

VERNATURE Zn is a Zinc chelate that prevents the deficiencies of this element in all types of crops.

Zinc is an element required in the synthesis of growth hormones, that takes part in different metabolic processes that affect the correct development of the plant.

Vernature Zn

Vernature Complet

VERNATURE COMPLET is a mixture of Boron, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc and Molybdenum chelates that correct the deficiencies produced for this nutrients.

VERNATURE COMPLET can be used throughout all the cycle, in any crop.


Vernature Complet

Verna Humus

VERNA HUMUS is a product that improves the properties of soil, its aeration and structure, and it has a biestimulant effect on the plant.

VERNA HUMUS is made from leonardite, Leonadite is a substance rich in humic acids, and it is considered the best source of raw material for the manufacture of this type of fertilizer.

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